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Friday 10 May 2013

મૃત્યુ : પાકીસ્તાન અને ભારતની જેલમાં : Sanaullah follows Sarabjit’s horrifying route to death

મૃત્યુ :  પાકીસ્તાન અને ભારતની જેલમાં :  Sanaullah follows Sarabjit’s horrifying route to death

CHANDIGARH: Following the same trajectory to death as Sarabjit SinghSanaullah Ranjay, the Pakistani convict brutally attacked by inmates in Jammu's Kot Bhalwal jail last Friday, died in PGI early Thursday after remaining in coma since he was brought to the hospital. A Pakistan International Airlines aircraft took back his body later in the evening after an autopsy was conducted.

Doctors at PGI said Sanaullah died of multiple organ failure. His kidneys had collapsed on Wednesday morning and he was put on dialysis. The prisoner was admitted in PGI ICU on May 3 and was put on a ventilator following serious head injuries and as his condition worsened with each passing day. Fearing the worst, Indian authorities allowed his relatives to cross over from Wagah border and the same grieving relatives carried back the body and the dead man's belongings, including a Koran and a prayer mat that he used in Kot Bhalwal jail.

The two deaths have prompted demands for more humane treatment and even repatriation of Indians in Pakistani jails and Pakistani citizens in Indian prisons. The attack on Sanaullah came despite home ministry orders to jail wardens to sequester Pakistani prisoners away from Indian inmates and on Thursday Indian officials called the attack "barbaric" but rejected a Pakistani demand for an international probe.

Sanaullah's murderer has been indentified as Vinod Kumar, a former army soldier serving life imprisonment for killing a fellow soldier in Leh. Sanaullah was arrested in 1999 and was serving a life sentence for terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir.

Sanaullah's end came at 1pm and the body was kept in the hospital mortuary until 4.45pm, when it was taken to the airport. A special PIA plane was allowed to airlift the body from Chandigarh to Sialkot along with Sanaullah's brother-in-law Mohammed Shehzad, nephew Mohammad Asifand Pakistan high commission consulate Abrar Hashmi. The family had arrived on Tuesday.

The body was not embalmed as Pakistan high commission officials wanted it to remain intact for the second autopsy. "We were told by doctors that embalming interferes with the autopsy. So we did not get it embalmed," said Pakistan high commission first secretary Sultan Hasan.

Sanaullah timeline:

May 3: Airlifted to Chandigarh, put on ventilator as he slips into deep coma after a fellow inmate attacks him hours before Sarabjit's cremation

May 6: His condition deteriorates; Pakistan high commissioner Salman Bashir visits him

May 7: The prisoner's brother-in-law and nephew arrive from Pakistan and see him in the hospital

May 8: Suffers renal failure, put on dialysis

May 9: Dies of multiple organ failure, body flown to Pakistan

Sarabjit timeline:

April 26: Fellow inmates attack Sarabjit in Lahore's Kot Lakhpat jail; admitted to Jinnah hospital

April 27: His condition deteriorates, slips into coma

April 28: Sarabjit's sister, wife, and two daughters arrive in Pakistan to see him

April 30: Doctors declare him brain dead

May 1: His family returns to Amritsar, leaves for Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi and other leaders

May 2: Sarabjit dies, body airlifted to Amritsar. Punjab government declares him a martyr, announces three-day mourning

May 3: Cremated with full state honours

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