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Thursday 3 November 2011

મારા બ્લોગ ઉપર નીચેની નવી પોસ્ટ મુકવા કામ ચાલુ છે અને થોડાક સમયમાં બધી પોસ્ટ આવી જશે.

મારા બ્લોગ ઉપર નીચેની નવી પોસ્ટ મુકવા કામ ચાલુ છે અને થોડાક સમયમાં બધી પોસ્ટ આવી જશે.

નોબેલ ઈનામ મેળવવું સહેલું છે


Type of Work
.......The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel (novella) about an elderly Cuban fisherman who goes out alone in a small boat and hooks into a huge marlin.


.......The Old Man and the Sea was first published in Life magazine in its issue of September 1, 1952. Charles Scribner's Sons published the book in New York City later in the same year. An immediate success, it won the 1952 Pulitzer Prize and helped Hemingway win the 1954 Nobel Prize for literature.


.......Ernest Hemingway is believed to have based the plot of the Old Man and the Sea on a story he recounted in "On the Blue Water: a Gulf Stream Letter," an article he published in the April 1936 issue of Esquire magazine. In this article, Hemingway recalls a conversation he had wih a friend who thought the most exciting sport for outdoorsmen was hunting elephants. As for fishing, "Frankly, I can't see where the excitement is in that," he said. In an attempt to enlighten his friend about the challenges of fishing at sea, Hemingway told him the following story

[A]n old man fishing alone in a skiff out of Cabañas hooked a great marlin that, on the heavy sashcord handline, pulled the skiff far out to sea. Two days later the old man was picked up by fishermen sixty miles to the eastward, the head and forward part of the marlin lashed alongside. What was left of the fish, less than half, weighed eight hundred pounds. The old man had stayed with him a day, a night, a day and another night while fish swam deep and pulled the boat. When he had come up the old man had pulled the boat up on him and harpooned him. Lashed along side, the sharks had hit him and the old man had fought them out alone in the Gulf Stream in a skiff, clubbing them, stabbing at them, lunging at them with an oar until he was exhausted and the sharks had eaten all that they could. He was crying in the boat when the fishermen picked him up, half crazy from his loss, and the sharks were still circling the boat.
.......On land, the action takes place in a small village on the northern coast of Cuba, below the Tropic of Cancer and not far from the capital city of Havana. At sea, the action takes place in the boat of an old man, Santiago, who is fishing for marlin north of Cuba in the Gulf Stream of the Gulf of Mexico. The time is September in the late 1940's. Hemingway lived near Havana from 1940 until 1959.


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