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Monday 19 October 2009

ગેલેલીયોને ઓળખો છો? (ઈ.સ.૧૫૬૪માં જન્મ અને મૃત્યુ ઈ.સ.૧૬૪૨)

ગેલેલીયોને ઓળખો છો? (ઈ.સ.૧૫૬૪માં જન્મ અને મૃત્યુ ઈ.સ.૧૬૪૨)

ખગોળશાસ્ત્રનો નીષ્ણાંત હતો. પૃથ્વી સુર્યની આસપાસ હજારો કરોડો વર્ષથી ચક્કર મારે છે. કેપલર અને કોપરનીકસે જાણ કરી.

ગેલેલીયોએ Galileo has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy", the "father of modern physics", the "father of science" and "the Father of Modern Science."

ધર્મ ધુરંધર પુજ્ય પાદ આચાર્ય પોપે એ વખતે એને રોમમાં બોલાવી ગેલેલીયોની બધી પ્રવૃત્તીપર નજરબંદી મુકેલ. ૧૬૧૬ થી ૧૬૩૨ વચ્ચે વીચારોનું યુદ્ધ ચાલ્યું. ચારસો વર્ષ પછી રોમના ચર્ચને ફેરવી તોડવું પડેલ. ગેલેલીયો સાચો હતો.

Have you seen : Famous World Trial : Trial of Galileo Galilei : 1633

Please, click the link given below:


According to the Tuscan Ambassador, Galileo returned from Rome "more dead than alive". In 1637, aged 73, he lost the sight of both eyes but managed to complete a final work, Discourses Concerning Two New Sciences, which was published in 1638. This refines his earlier studies of motion and the principles of mechanics.

Galileo died at Arcetri, near Florence, on January 8, 1642. In that same year Newton was born and would carry forward the torch of knowledge by uniting Kepler's Planetary Laws with Galileo's mathematical physics to perfect the Law of Universal Gravitation, the missing link in the Cosmic Puzzle that was to establish heliocentricity beyond doubt.

An investigation into Galileo's conviction, calling for its reversal, was opened in 1979 by Pope John Paul II. In October 1992 error was reversed.

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  1. TO :: Shri Pravinbhai K. Shah [Raleigh, NC], Chairperson – Jaina Education Committee,Director of Jaina. In your September 18, 2005 PDF file of Samvatsari and Jain Calendar you have rightly said that the Hindu Lunisolar calendar is based on the position of the Moon at the time of Sunrise and cities on different latitudes have different Sun rise time and hence different Moon phases. From Earth the Sun looks small, because it is far away. Its average distance from Earth is 150 million km (93 million mi). Light from the Sun takes about eight minutes to reach Earth. This light is still strong enough when it reaches Earth. Sun is moving at Velocity of 220 km/s or 19 million km/h and takes 250 million years to complete one trip around the center of the Galaxy. Diameter of Earth is about 12700 km and a point on the equator rotates at a rate of 1600 km/h and Earth is moving through space at the rate of 72360 km/h.
    Thanks to
    Copernicus Nicolaus (1473-1543),
    Galileo 1564-1642),
    Tycho Brahe 1546-1601)
    and Johannes Kepler (1571-1630).

    In 1593 Galileo sensed in Copernican model of Universe and wrote to Kepler. From 1600 to 1615 many dissidents thinker filed complaint for Galileo (earth revolves) and in Famous World Trial of 1633, Galileo was sentenced and house arrested. After 400 years in 1992, Papal Commission corrected the views and Galileo was right.

    Calculation of Sun rise is meaningless as it is a Geocentric Phenomena and we calculate Sun rise at Surface of the Earth.

    In the above fact Jain Learned Monks, Jain Aagam Literature, Paryushan Parva, Samvatsari Day, Bhadrapad Sudi 5 and 4, Samvatsari Pratikraman and Jain Calendars are not correct and Samvatsari Day can not be determined. Followers of Anekantavad have created more confusions in the mind of Jain followers.

    In last 500 to 5000 years Roman, Jullian, Greogorian, Christian, Jewish, Hebrew, Hindu, Aztech and Maya have made many changes in the calendars. On about March 21 and September 23, both hemispheres are the same distance from the Sun and Sun is said to be at an Equinox. The length of day and night are equal over al most all the Earth (except at the poles).

    I am advocating for last 20 years, September 23 as Samvatsari Day as days and night in equal length and match with the Samdarshan of Mahaveer.

    You have rightly selected 1st Saturday and Sunday of September as Samvatsari and Kshamavani Day.

    Regards, Sd/=(vkvora)
    Sewree, Mumbai 400015. (Bombay, India)
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