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Saturday 28 June 2014

વરસાદ માપવાનું સાધન એટલે સીધું સાદું ખુલ્લા વાસણમાં અમુક સમયમાં વરસાદનું પાણી પડે અને એને ઈન્ચ કે મીલીમીટરમાં માપવું....

વરસાદ માપવાનું સાધન એટલે સીધું સાદું ખુલ્લા વાસણમાં અમુક સમયમાં વરસાદનું પાણી પડે અને એને ઈન્ચ કે મીલીમીટરમાં માપવું....

આપણા દેશમાં કચ્છ રાજસ્થાનમાં રણ પ્રદેશ આવેલ છે. પાકીસ્તાનમાં વાદળા મુંજાય તો ક્યારેક ૨-૪ ઈન્ચ વરસાદ આવે. બાકી રામ ભરોંસે. અરબ સાગરના સીધા વાદળાથી વરસાદ ઘંણાં વરસો પછી માંડ માંડ આવે. વરસાદનું મહત્વ આ પ્રદેશના લોકોને પુછવું. 

હમણાં જુન મહીનો પુરો થવા આવ્યો છે અને દેશમાં વરસાદ હજી જામ્યું નથી. 

૧૯૦૧થી દેશમાં વરસાદ નીયમીત મપાય છે. ૧૯૦૫માં જુન મહીના સુધીમાં ૮૮.૭ મી.મી., ૧૯૨૬માં ૯૭.૨૦ મી.મી., ૨૦૦૯માં ૮૫.૮ મી.મી. અને ૨૦૧૪માં ૮૦.૮ મીલીમીટરની વરસાદની નોંધ છે. 

મુંબઈમાં વરસાદ તો ઘણોં પડે છે મુંબઈને પાણી પુરુ પાડતા સરોવર વીસ્તારમાં તો ઘણોં વરસાદ પડે છે પણ આ રામ ભરોંસે હવામાને ઉંઘ ઉડાડી નાખી છે.

મને કચ્છના ગામડાથી મીત્રે ફોન કર્યો. વરસાદના સમાચાર? મેં કહ્યું રુપીયાનો વરસાદ પડે છે. વાદળાના વરસાદની મુંબઈમાં કોને પડી છે?


  1. This June could be the driest ever in India

    NEW DELHI: With the monsoon in a tailspin and the rain deficit across the country rising to 42 per cent on Friday, this month is in line to be among the driest months of June in India since systematic record-keeping began in 1901.

    Till Friday, 80.8mm rainfall had been recorded across the country since June 1, according to IMD's update. The driest June on record was in the drought year of 2009, when the June rain tally stood at 85.8mm.

    With three more days to go before the month ends, the final rain count this June may just cross that record mark. However, monsoon's revival is projected to occur only around the first week of July, which means this month could figure in the worst three rain-deficit Junes seen in India.

    The second driest June was in 1905, when 88.7mm rainfall was recorded. The third driest month of June, in 1926, saw 97.2mm rainfall.

  2. At 87mm, Mumbai’s June rainfall is third lowest in 63 years

    MUMBAI: With only three days to go, the current month is set to hold the record for the lowest rainfall in June in the last decade. In fact, June 2014 could well turn out to be the third worst monsoon month if available data since 1951 is compared.

    The BMC is already weighing 20% water cuts across the city as levels in lakes supplying water to Mumbai have fallen sharply and the meteorology department has predicted showers only after the first week of July. The civic body has also invited tenders for cloud-seeding.

    This year, Santa Cruz has recorded a meagre 87.3mm of rainfall. So far, the lowest rainfall recorded in June in a decade was 216.4mm in 2009, the year the state suffered a major drought. Since 1951, the lowest rainfall received in the month of June was 0.6mm in 1972, followed by 82.2mm in 1995.

    Last year the rains arrived dramatically in the city and the first month of the monsoon recorded total rainfall of 1,029mm. K S Hosalikar, deputy director general of meteorology at the Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai, said, "There has been a substantial deficiency in rainfall in the month of June for Mumbai. We are hoping it will pick up in July. We are looking at the monsoon pattern setting up in July."

    Weather officials said there were several reasons for the poor rainfall so far this year. Cyclone 'Nanauk', which passed through the city, reportedly took away a lot of moisture with it. Weather officials also claimed there was no formation of proper rain-giving systems like low pressures or depression.

    This year, the IMD declared the onset of the monsoon in Mumbai on June 15. However, it was not followed by the advancement of the south-west monsoons for quite a few days. Surprisingly, last year the monsoon had set over the entire north-west India on June 16, about a month earlier than the normal date of July 15.


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